Stopping Violence Against Women

Yasumat have continued to expand the church and community mobilisation project, equipping local churches to transform their communities. They are now working with about 50 local churches amongst the Yali, Hupla and Kimyal tribes in the remote Yahukimo region. They are also continuing to courageously lead training workshops and discussions with local churches and young people on how to challenge and stop violence against women and create healthy relationships and families.

This has been a difficult job as they tackle long standing and entrenched attitudes and power. During 2018 and 2019 Yepina Matuan and Javed Bahabol from Yasumat, have been leading training workshops around Yahukimo and a growing number of people are experiencing significant changes and impact.

Gender equality in West Papua
“I believe this is the time to speak up about the situation of women in Papua. We have suffered too long, been oppressed and have no value in other’s eyes. We need to see women through the Creator’s eyes and reject the lies we have been told. We need to lift women up and heal each other and then Papua will also be healed”– Yepina Matuan —Yasumat

“I never realised or thought about it before that women had the same value as men as I thought they were less important but this training has made me realise that I have only been prioritising men and I never give the girls or women opportunities. So many women suffer from violence at home but I thought that was just normal. God made men and women equal in value and potential and I will start to equip and enable women and girls in my church and talk about this from the pulpit”–—Martin Tabuni – Pastor

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