Savings groups

Rebuilding financial capital has been a vital component in building up resilience and moving towards ending post disaster dependency. This has been key to the work of YAPELIN and Papua Partners in the second phase of the disaster response.

Since the floods, there are now 7 active savings groups set up with over 220 men and women involved. This is hugely important for people to regain a sense of independence and healing.

“I am so pleased with what I have learned about how to use money well and how to save for the future and for the future of our children. Being part of the savings group has enabled us to be independent and strong and learn about the benefits of money. We are now using money for the things we really need and not wasting it. …The group is really helping me and all the others in her group.”
—Terina W

“The savings groups are helping people strengthen their identity, they are starting to stand on their own two feet and think for themselves. They have started to budget for education, for their health costs, food and other things. They are no longer dependent on others. They believe in themselves as Papuans and have a vision to progress and have their own business.” Ribka Kenelak – Head of Community Development

There are still over 400 families living in semi-permanent camps where we have helped them to establish the basic structures for living such as tents, bathrooms, water and kitchens. This situation serves as a temporary measure but it is not sustainable for the long term, as many families all living in close quarters together can lead to new problems such as gender based violence and poor health. Yapelin continues to lobby the government for a more permanent resettlement location for these families but there is still no commitment offered from authorities.

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