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Together with local partners and experts we are equipping Papuan organisations and churches to transform conflict, heal trauma and facilitate truth recovery.

From 2020 we will start to partner and accompany young leaders and other agents of change to support them to speak out and mobilize the grass roots to respond to the ongoing conflict, injustices and human rights violations.

Empowering women and healthy families

We want to see women empowered in all areas of society where they can live free of violence.

We are partnering with Papuan organizations, individuals and churches to carry out work which includes empowering women leaders, stopping sexual and gender-based violence, creation of safe spaces and trauma healing for victims of violence, building healthy relationships, and gender equality between men and women.

Community Transformation

We are partnering to equip churches and communities to envision and mobilise change, reduce dependency and build resilience.

This work includes equipping churches and organisations so that they are effective agents of social change, transforming spaces of structural violence and speaking out and leading action on issues of social and political injustice.

Protecting the Environment and Green Livelihoods

Papua Partners works with environmental activists and local community-based organisations to support communities displaced by land-based conflict, and natural disasters. This includes people affected by resource extraction and conflict.

We work with organisations to enhance knowledge, skills and organising to protect rich local natural environments, through sustainable livelihoods, natural resource management and effective community development. Indigenous communities are supported to develop livelihoods that protect, rather than deplete, local environments.

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The Hub, Made in Mourne,
37 Greencastle Street,
Kilkeel, Co. Down. BT34 4BH


The Hub, Made in Mourne, 37 Greencastle Street, Kilkeel, Co. Down. BT34 4BH

Papua Partners, West Papua, Charity Newry, Northern Ireland

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