Coronavirus: Your support in action

The Coronavirus has impacted almost every corner of the world. We cannot see and touch and feel the love of those close to us. Many are going through financial difficulty. But everyone is supporting each other and mobilizing to help in whatever way they can. 

The people that Papua Partners work with in West Papua are particularly at risk from this virus and its impacts. Many have no access to a hospital or clinic and have no access to clean water to wash their hands. Many live in crowded conditions or are in temporary refugee settlements after fleeing from conflict where the virus can cause devastation. 

Rode Wanimbo (far left) who is the head of The women’s department of the GIDI Church (Evangelical Church of Indonesia) and her team have been visiting and providing food packages to vulnerable elderly people. They have also been distributing masks and soap to women selling vegetables in the market.

People all over Papua are going back to the land to plant food to avoid famine and food shortages over the next few months. Over the last few  weeks our partners have been working together to make sure communities around Papua will have food into the future and will not suffer the consequences of economic problems.

They are sharing seeds and seedlings for the planting of new gardens across communities, tribes and mountain ranges! Listen to what has been going on from Ibu Rode Wanimbo (In Indonesian):

IWaTaLi our local partner, have been working with communities around Lake Sentani providing fish stock which will strengthen livelihoods and help people get through this difficult time.

They have also been partnering with Yasumat to get seeds to youth groups in Sentani and Wamena who are active building gardens to ensure food supply for their communities.

If you would like to support them in this work please

One our partner churches who have been implementing the Church and Community mobilisation for change process in the village of Genyem has got together to share their resources with other communities in need.

They have provided a whole truckload of seedlings of sweet potato, bananas, sugar cane among others to a community from the Star Mountains that were left homeless after the floods in 2019 swept away their homes.

From the CCM (Church and Community Mobilisation) process we have learnt about using our own resources and joining together to bring change. We also want to help others with what we have so that they can also have enough. We heard that they had land but no seeds so we got together and are sharing what we have” – Dessy Opur – Local Coordinator Genyem

Health staff from Yasumat and Yapelin have been getting vital messages to communities on how to protect themselves, sharing information posters and carrying out health awareness activities in locations around Sentani and Wamena.

They have been able to install over 40 hand washing posts in households and student hostels where it is difficult to access to water as well as making sure people have soap and masks.

The next few months are very uncertain. The Pandemic in Papua is happening alongside conflict and violence from security forces which makes it even more complex and challenging to respond and help people.

Please consider partnering with us in solidarity with our partners and communities around Papua.


We know lots of people in the UK and Ireland are suffering and we know not everyone can donate at this time. But if you can, we really need your help.

Your support will mean that we can increase the number of people and communities that we can help.

We will keep updating our progress on the response


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