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We work together with Papuan organisations, churches, communities and individual agents of change in order to achieve their visions for change in their land.

Our vision and mission

Our Vision

Our Vision is for a peaceful, just and thriving Papuan Society where the social, economic and political environments enable all peoples to assume their full identities and realise their full potential.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to work in partnership with local Papuan organisations, individuals and churches to Mobilise transformative change that brings justice and peace to the Land of Papua

Where We Work

West Papua is the western half of the island of new Guinea bordering Papua New Guinea. Just south of the equator, West Papua contains some of the highest mountains, densest jungle, and rich mineral resources. It is home to over 300 tribes and some of the most incredibly diverse biodiversity in the world. The Melanesian peoples of West Papua and PNG share similar ethnicities, cultures and religions. It is merely their different colonial past that sets them apart.

Brief History

West Papua was previously part of the Dutch Empire when it was known as Dutch New Guinea. In 1949 when the Netherlands recognised Indonesian sovereignty over the Dutch East Indies they excluded Dutch New Guinea in order to start a decolonisation process. West Papua stayed under Dutch control while they prepared the territory to be an independent state through investment, education and the formation of a National Parliament which was elected in 1961.

However, Indonesia still claimed that Dutch New Guinea should be part of Indonesia and in 1961 they launched military operations to ‘take back’ Papua. At this point in order to avoid a long drawn out conflict the Dutch agreed to US mediation. This resulted in the signing of the New York agreement in 1962.

Under this agreement the Netherlands agreed to transfer the administration of what was then called West New Guinea to Indonesia under an UN temporary executive Authority (UNTEA) on the condition that an “act of self-determination” was carried out within 7 years. The “act of Free choice” took place on 2 August 1969 where 1025 West Papuans were hand-picked and coerced – including being threatened by gunpoint to vote in favour of Indonesia.

The Act of Free Choice has been criticised by Papuans as the Act of No Choice and its legitimacy has been questioned by Independent Observers including UN officials who were present as well as legal experts both nationally and internationally. However, the Indonesian Government maintains that the two provinces that make up West Papua are an integral and indivisible part of Indonesia. Most Papuans regard Indonesian control as illegitimate and this continues to be contested via a low-level armed insurance and a growing non-violent civil resistance movement.

Our Board

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Our Values (to be updated)

We believe in the intrinsic dignity of every person. We work with all people in Papua regardless of race, gender, religion or politics. We seek to be an inclusive diverse organisation which celebrates difference and creates relationships of mutual respect.

The focus of our work is to empower civil society in Papua to bring about positive change; transform lives. Therefore we strive to always partner with on the strengths and resources of build the capacity of others rather than directly implement projects ourselves.

Our hope is inspired by Christian faith and by the strength and resourcefulness of our partners and their communities.

We seek justice for the people of Papua where they are treated unfairly and will walk with them to enable them to overcome injustice.

We strive to be good stewards of all the resources entrusted to us, openly accountable for our work, systematic in evaluating our impact and effectiveness and professional in managing our resources.

Get Involved

There are many rewarding ways you can get involved with
Papua Partners to help transform lives in West Papua.


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