Changes take place step by step and person by person.  But there are many obstacles people, communities and churches face when they want to change their environment, their organisation or solve a particular problem.  Sometimes this is due to a lack of resources, such as money or facilities, but it is much more often due to a lack of skills, knowledge and influence to bring about the change that people want.

Together with our local partners, we walk alongside communities, churches and others involved in social change, to equip them, where needed, so that they can achieve their own visions for changing for the better.

Working with the local church

Why work directly with the local church?  In Papua the local church congregation is at the centre of the lives of most communities and will be there long term.  It, therefore, has incredible potential to facilitate change in their community.  Together with our local partner organisations, YAPELIN and YASUMAT, we have recently started to work directly with five dioceses – which are groupings of between 12 and 22 local congregations – in a process that is called Church and Community Mobilisation (CCM).

CCM is a complete transformational, community-based process, which works with church and community groups to encourage them to initiate economic, social and physical transformation within their communities.

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