How We Work

Papua Partners works with local organisations and churches in order to build their capacity to deliver sustainable human development processes that bring real positive change to the lives of Papuan people.

This is done through provision of technical advisors who work alongside our local partners in organisational development and by providing direct financial support to innovative and sustainable development initiatives. We support and accompany our partners to advocate effectively for change and equitable policies that represent the interests of the people in the communities and regions where they work.

We believe that partnering with local civil society is a more sustainable way to work since these organisations will remain with the local communities long after foreign aid agencies have left. We support the capacity development of local partners so they are better enabled to do their work. This is done through provision of technical advisors/development workers who work within or alongside the local partner. Together with our partner we identify areas where outside assistance has the potential to lead to change.

Yepina’s story – “with the people for the people”

Our Values

Papua Partners is committed to:


We believe in the intrinsic dignity of every person. We work with all people in Papua regardless of race, gender, religion or politics. We seek to be an inclusive diverse organisation which celebrates difference and creates relationships of mutual respect.

Empowering others

The focus of our work is to empower civil society in Papua to bring about positive change; transform lives. Therefore we strive to build the capacity of others rather than directly implement projects ourselves.


Our hope is inspired by Christian faith and by the strength and resourcefulness of our partners and their communities. We believe that positive change is possible for the people of Papua and will seek to maintain a hopeful attitude that does not give up easily.


We seek justice for the people of Papua where they are treated unfairly and will walk with them to enable them to overcome injustice.


We strive to be good stewards of all the resources entrusted to us, openly accountable for our work, systematic in evaluating our impact and effectiveness and professional in managing our resources.