About Us

Papua Partners is committed to transforming lives in Papua through tackling the causes and effects of poverty and social injustice. Papua Partners was founded in 2006 in response to requests from local organisations in Papua for support in capacity development. Papua Partners is managed by a UK based board of trustees and currently has two full-time field workers in Papua.

Background for Papua Partners – why is our work needed?

Papua is a region of Indonesia which has gone through, and is still going through, rapid rates of change that very few other cultures have ever gone through in such short periods of time. The local governments have not been able to instigate effective social development or poverty reduction programs and poverty indicators have actually worsened in many areas since the decentralisation process started and the government took over responsibility of many of the social services.

With the advent of new towns, new roads and rapid infrastructure development, mobility of indigenous Papuans has dramatically increased, exposing them to different and new ways of life.  However, a failing education and health system, gender discrimination, sporadic influxes of cash to rural communities, separation of families and shifting cultural standards, on a backdrop of deeply held cultural beliefs, has led to a cultural, developmental and governance crisis.  Often the failure of projects and interventions are blamed on corruption, culture or lack of willingness to work, when the situation is much more complex.  Due to this rapid pace of change, and considering the animistic cultural background in the highlands, we cannot be surprised by how people interpret and react to new forms of wealth and opportunities at prosperity.

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